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Page Quality Rating Task 1


Task URL:

Task Language: English (US)

1. Check any that apply to the mobile landing page:

2. Describe the true purpose of the mobile landing page:

    Reminder: Deceptive pages appear to have one purpose but actually have a different true purpose.

3. Are any of the following statements true?

-The website or page lacks a beneficial purpose.

-The purpose of the landing page is to make money with very little or no attempt to help users.

-The MC spreads hate.

-The MC causes harm.

-The MC misinforms or deceives users.

4. Which of these options best describes the mobile landing page?

(!) If you choose 'Yes' your rating will be marked as Lowest directly. Please explain. (!)

5. Is the topic of this page in any of the following categories?

   Reminder: A "Your Money or Your Life" (YMYL) page is a page that can affect your future happiness, health, or financial stability.

     PQ Check                                   Lowest                                        Low                                              Medium                                         High                                         Highest          

Main Content Quality and 


Based on mobile landing page of task URL

Information about the website and the creator of the MC

Link to get started (research done on desktop)

Reputation of the website and the creator of the MC

Link to site and Search outside of site to get started (research done on desktop)

Comment on Website Reputation

Please include URL(s) that provide reputation information, if possible. Note: URL will be needed if you selected a Low or High reputation rating. 

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

This is an important quality characteristic. Use your research on mobile and desktop to inform your rating 

Overall Page Quality

N/A                 Lowest                 Lowest+                 Low                    Low+                 Medium               Medium+                High                   High+                 Highest

Comment (required):

Your rating is Correct !

Your rating is Wrong !

Webpage belongs to which is a highly popular pictures website with user generated content. It shows a tips brochure for growing plants which is main content. Main content creator is a blogger who don't have much information about himself. E-A-T and reputation of webpages with user generated content relies on user itself. In this case they are not very high or low. Therefore appropriate rating for this page is Medium. Medium+ is also acceptable.

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