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Complete Guide to Telus & Lionbridge Jobs | 2022


Lionbridge is crowdsourcing company with an headquarters located in Ireland that offers work at home type jobs in many countries all over the world. Lionbridge’s jobs requires an internet connection, a computer and one is ready to make money by completing tasks on an online platform and working remotely in the comfort of their homes. While Lionbridge jobs enable people to earn 15 USD per hour at their homes, those jobs are totally legit as one can validate it being legit on other sources like Reddit. Pay rates depends on the country, while pay rate is on 12-15 USD per hour in western countries such as USA, it may get to 5 USD per hour in other countries such as India.

Similar companies to Lionbridge are Appen, Leapforce, Raterlabs. Moreover Leapforce and Raterlabs were acquired by Appen over last few years, reducing this comparison to Lionbridge vs. Appen. None of two companies encourage raters to work at both companies, however it is possible to work at both companies simultaneously.

Why work at a Lionbridge Job?

One of many reasons for working at a Lionbridge job is comfort of working at home or any location of preference. One can work in a flexible schedule and adjust work time by sticking to a general template that Lionbridge offers. Job security is on high level, assuming average or above average performance levels or one meets quality standards. Moreover if you are working from a country that has a high USD exchange rate, value taken from Lionbridge job will be even higher, more than what average white collar jobs give in some countries. Finally value of working at Lionbridge equals working in search engine projects that helps thousands of internet users every day. Working at a Lionbridge jobs is definitely worth it!

How to Apply Lionbridge Jobs?

The most solid way of applying for a Lionbridge job is to go Lionbridge website below and search your country on the searchbox. When searched, list will show Lionbridge Jobs that are available in your local currently.


Apply Lionbridge work at home type jobs:


The Most common jobs of Lionbridge are Rater, Personalized Internet Assessor, Internet Safety Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator, Lionbridge Map Analyst and Personalized Ads Assessor. Follow the guide to learn which Lionbridge job to choose in the next steps. When a job is selected, page will lead to what criteria Lionbridge looks for the job. Common requirements for Lionbridge jobs are:

· A smartphone with Android 4.2 or higher or iPhone iOS version 9.0 or higher

· A PC or computer

· A gmail account

· Fluency in and good level of English

· Cultural familiarity / Living in the country of job at least for the last 5 years

· Tech savviness- Being able troubleshoot problems


Lionbridge job will require you to fill up an application form and enter your information about education, job experience, skills etc. as well as adding your resume itself on the job application form online.

Lionbridge Application Page.jpg

Forming a resume for Lionbridge job can get many people bored and tired. However working at Lionbridge as an end result will be worth your efforts. Therefore I recommend spending enough time and energy to prepare a targeted and successful resume at this stage.

Lionbridge sends 1-2 mails about registration to system right after online application. However exact mail about your status in Lionbridge job application comes in about 2 weeks generally. If successful, one gets a mail to validate their smartphone in Lionbridge website. Otherwise Lionbridge sends a mail stating “profile does not match to job notice” or “quota is full” for the position for the time being. After mobile validation on Lionbridge’s job website, a mail is sent by Lionbridge as exam invitation.


Exam invitation includes a starting date and a deadline for Lionbridge exam process which is a total of 1 week duration. As a common practice, candidates receives a mail on starting date containing a guideline to learn the job and instructions for the exam. Exam is taken online by navigating to Lionbridge’s rating platform which is also used regularly as the working platform when one gets in the job successfully. Therefore candidates have 1 week to both study guideline and complete exam. Total time spent during real exam depends on the Lionbridge job you are recruiting for, however it may take anywhere between 6-20 hours also depending on internet speed and personal capability. An exemplary schedule to complete exam is given below via Lionbridge Internet Assessor, that has a 3 part exam:


Day 1: Study Guideline – Guideline is 160-230 page long

Day 2: Study Guideline

Day 3: Study Guideline – Complete Part 1 - You should have finished guideline by the time

Day 4: Study Guideline – Complete Part 2

Day 5: Study Guideline

Day 6: Study Guideline – Complete Part 3 – It is important to do part 3 on day 6 by leaving 2 days as candidates may reailize failure and need more time to examine guideline to make sure answers

Day 7: Complete Part 3


Lionbridge exam results are shared by mail 1-2 days after day 7, no matter on which day candidates completes their exams. Therefore it is important to take your time to study well for Lionbridge exam and future Lionbridge job. Read the rest of guide to learn about Lionbridge jobs one by one in more detail.

How to Pass Lionbridge Exam?

One can find some of Lionbridge exam answers on internet. Nevertheless you will never find all the answers that you may encounter in the Lionbridge exam. Getting assisstance from Passlioness Team can get you pass the exam 100%.


Lionbridge exams are different for Internet Assessor/Safety Evaluator/Social Media Evaluator, Online Map Analyst and Ads Evaluator. Find detailed information about the Internet Assessor exam below:


Reading provided guideline cover to cover is a must. It cannot be memorized but after understanding logic of rating, it should be utilized simultaneously with conduct of exam. If you ever hesitate or straddle in exam, check examples. There will be a 100% matching example with the question itself. Basically knowing guideline the best you can is important. Succeeding in exam is only possible by knowing & practicing guideline well. Most important factors such as main content and E-A-T when rating are your always go-to items. Also check if there are exceptions.


Basic Lionbridge exam consist of 3 parts and one has total of 1 week duration to study guideline and complete 3 parts. One can complete parts any time within duration assuming you don't take break during a single task of a single part. Whole concept is based on queries on a search engine on web or mobile/tablet and rating their appropriateness. Starting with Part 1, one gets a result mail after each part ends. If you are successful each time, final results are shared 1-2 days after exam deadline.


What you can also do is to be accustomed with guidelines and rating and then surf on internet rate page quality of random pages and find similar examples in guideline to check and understand concepts. This is a very good practice for people having difficulty in getting familiar with concepts and it helps to ask investigating questions about guideline.


Part 1: Theoretical - Part 1 tests knowledge about basic concepts such as website, webpage, rate labels etc. It has 128 True/False statement questions under 32 main questions. I recommend being careful with arguments with "all","never","always","none". Answer to every question is strictly given in the related part of guideline, there are no tricks.


Part 2: Page Quality – Part 2 is about quality of websites themselves. Quality of a website can be determined disregarding all other aspects. One is given 7 different page URLs separately to evaluate their quality. I suggest being careful with limiting factors like main content and reputation of page. Spend the energy to make online searches and have clear opinions about pages and make the enough effort research. Pages are rated on 4 factors: main content, reputation, self information, expertise, authoritativeness on a 5 degree scale with 2 positives and 2 negatives.


Part 3: Needs Met – Part 3 is about rating web results based on a web query. This one relates to page quality but mostly depends on the query-result connection itself. One is given 7 queries and corresponding results to be evaluated. I suggest being careful not to get lost when rating, always think how useful result is for the user making the query. Empathize with user. Along with specific answers (ratings) in this part, there is open answers as comments should be written. Make sure to first evaluate page quality and explain relation of it to final score. Even though final ratings are wrong, reasoning in comment section can be useful when exam score is determined. Apart from page quality of each result, final mark rating slider is also 5 degree.

Send To Device Instructions

Part 2 and 3 of Internet Assessor/Rater exam requires candidates to monitor task pages on their smartphones so that mobile experience of user can be evaluated and reflected to task ratings appropriately. Doing so is essential. To be able to monitor task pages, one should follow Send To Device Instructions provided by Lionbridge in Part 2 and set up necessary environment on their smartphones.


What If You Fail Your Lionbridge Exam?

If you get a failure mail from Lionbridge, it is okay and not a big deal. One can underestimate the exam and spend little time to study guideline & exam. Exam is a lengthy and tiring process that requires one’s dedicated focus and it may be difficult for many people.


Lionbridge lets candidates retake the exam by giving them a second chance. While the exam format and process will be same with the former Lionbridge exam, questions will be different from first one. Therefore studying on guidelines and learning the concepts and job very well is essential and a must.


Tips in this stage include going back to first exam questions and figuring out what might have gone wrong, evaluating questions again and trying to make research those questions to find new information that may change the way you think or your former answers. Checking guideline examples similar with those questions is recommended. Guidelines almost always have a similar example that will tell one about their mistakes.


Also you can consider getting help from us by contacting us. Passlioness team is happy to give assistance to those candidates that ask for help and guidance.


If you fail for the second time in the exam, it is impossible to continue with your application. Applying for another time or for other Lionbridge positions is recommended.

No Tasks Available

After getting started on the job, raters do their job on Lionbridge’s rating platform. Sometimes there are tasks to do on platform and other times platform will display “No Tasks Available. Please try again later.” In red font. This is a totally normal situation in Lionbridge jobs. As raters keeps checking on platform to catch tasks, they will encounter tasks on random time of the day. Also raters can utilize other methods such as SMS, mobile app notifications to know if there are tasks available on platform.


Task availability indeed depends on some other factors which are country of Lionbridge job, time of the year, day of the week, if there is an important public event in the agenda.

Lionbridge Personalized Internet Assessor Job

First of all, Lionbridge Internet Assessor exam may take a time between 4-10 hours.

Internet Assessor job is very similar to Appen Yukon Project. Internet Assessor requires raters to rate page qualities of search engine organic results and also their rating of meeting with user queries made on search engines, namely Google, Bing etc. While this is the main task of Internet Assessor job, there are various other multimedia tasks waiting raters in the platform. Those tasks include voice queries/commands, side by side ratings of potential search engine result pages and even emoji ratings on digital platforms. Raters complete tasks by navigating to rating platform and if there are tasks they can acquire, work on, complete and submit them. System works as a pool of tasks being distributed whoever comes first in order.

Lionbridge Appen Exam Answers Pass Perso

While Internet Assessor is the most common job of Lionbridge online jobs, rates of pay differ from country to country following an average of 10 USD per hour. Lionbridge expects raters to work 10-20 hours per week. Despite the limit, raters can work 100 hours per month up to 150 hours per month in exceptional cases. Lionbridge jobs allow working time limits to be expanded in some months of the year. Payment in Internet Assessor is done with a delay. A common Lionbridge job practice in many countries is to send the payment of a working month approximately 45 days later than end of month. While your first paycheck comes much after starting the job, even if one gets fired for a reason they continue to take payments for 2 more months.


This brings us to quality standards. Raters are reviewed regularly to keep quality standards in Internet Assessor. As raters are required to have at least 80% accuracy in Lionbridge exam, they are also required to have that in real job tasks. Continous failure to do so in consecutive months can get one’s contract to be terminated. However it is a very minor chance because Lionbridge gives unlimited support, educational programs and even employee well-being programs to keep standards high.

Lionbridge Online Map Analyst

As Lionbridge and Appen are like sister companies doing exact projects. Lionbridge Map Analyst position is also very similar to Appen’s Shasta Project. Online Map Analyst exam may take a time between 6-12 hours. Raters are expected to complete tasks about relevance of map queries with map results on apps such as Google Maps. Besides relevance of results, tasks are subject to topics such as checking address accuracy, pin accuracy, name accuracy of results.


While all other factors related with payment, task availability, time reporting, quality reviews are same with Lionbridge Internet Assessor position, it is perceived as much more harder in term of both exam difficulty and job difficulty by candidates and raters. Comparison is made with Internet Assessor position. Map Analyst position requires candidates & raters to accomplish extensive researches in many tasks which may prove to be tiring and inefficient compared to other jobs.

Lionbridge Personalized Ads Assessor

Ads Assessor exam may take a time between 8-20 hours to complete. This position includes a wide range of task variety. Main purpose of Ads Assessor raters is to rate relevance of inorganic search engine results, advertorials, with user queries made on search engines. Tasks in Ads Assesor job includes rating query subject to ads results, rating ads result associated with search query, determination of keyword classes, rating Google Play Store queries and apps, close match evaluation and rating potentially religious content.

Lionbridge Appen Exam Answers Pass Perso

Time reporting in Ads Assessor is another topic differing from other Lionbridge jobs. Tasks in Ads Assessor job do not have pre-determined maximum durations to guide raters while rating and reporting their working times. Ads Assessor position rather have some other rules with time reporting so that raters figure out appropriate time reporting as they rate.


Task availability in Ads Assessor is higher when compared to other jobs such as Internet Assessor, Map Analyst or Social Media Evaluator. Task availability indeed depends on some other factors which are country of Lionbridge job, time of the year, day of the week, if there is an important public event in the agenda.

Lionbridge Safety Evaluator / Social Media Evaluator

Safety Evaluator and Social Media Evaluator are two similar jobs with Lionbridge Internet Assessor. Actually exam stages and tasks in real job are almost exact. How these jobs differs are in some of task types they offer. While Internet Assessor has tasks mostly related to web results and search engine results, Social Media Evaluator focuses on task types including rating of social media and Youtube queries and results. On the other side, raters may encounter upsetting / offensive / adult content more often in Lionbridge Safety Evaluator job.

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