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Welcome to Exam Simulation and Training!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Content of the Tool: Training Videos, 7 Page Quality Rating Tasks, 7 Needs Met Rating Tasks

Positions in Scope of the Tool:

Lionbridge: Rater Exam, Internet Assessor Exam, Internet Safety Evaluator Exam, Social Media Evaluator Exam

Appen: Yukon Project Exam

Access Fee: 25 USD for a limited time.

You can try first task of each part right now, free of charge !

Go to Task 1 for each part on the left side of page and see a Demo yourself.

What is Exam Simulation and Training Tool?

Exam Simulation is a tool to test your knowledge and ability to pass Lionbridge and Appen exams.

If you are taking the exam for a search engine evaluation role, exam simulation and training will guarantee you passing the exam and teach you all the information for you to do a high quality work at these jobs. This tool is exactly like the real exam in terms of question types and interface.

Even though names of positions are different, their exams are in the same format which Exam Simulation Tool imitates.

How to Sign Up For Exam Simulation and Training Tool?

Access Fee for Exam Simulation and Training is 25 USD for a limited time. It can only be paid via PayPal.

To Sign Up, click Sign Up/Log in Button on the left hand side. Then pay via link below or check your e-mail box for payment and activation. *Check spam folder as usual if mail doesn't arrive.

If you have any more questions, please send them to

Why Should You Sign Up For Exam Simulation and Training?

Don’t Wast Your Time: You have to study a 160 page guideline and almost a complete week to pass the exam. Despite the dedication, you may fail in the exam. Simulation tool guarantees your pass.

Exam is Hard: With a little research, one can see that passing Search Engine Evaluation exams of Lionbridge, Appen, Leapforce or Sykes is hard. It requires one’s continued dedication, attention and hard work within a week. That’s stated even in the exam invitation mails of these companies. Many people fail in this exam and waste their precious times, not to mention losing the job opportunity.

Good For Learning: After passing the exam , you will be doing tasks on a daily basis. Quality of work and rating is assessed by Quality Teams of these companies and raters that are below quality standards have to prove themselves. Eventually, you have to learn how to rate very well. Exam Simulation and Training teaches how to rate as a source in addition to guidelines itself.



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